Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Daze....

Today is a good day to sort through winter clothes I think. I'm in limbo with fall jackets on the floor and winter coats/gloves out. How to get more organized?! Still haven't figured that out yet.

Josie was excited this morning for her trip to the pumpkin patch with her class. Hope it doesn't rain!

Working on getting schoolwork, music lessons and reading done at night. Still feels like we're transitioning. Maybe it will always seem this busy. Mornings seem to be going better though.

Getting my bottom braces on tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Braces haven't been terrible...just annoying. Having a harder time sleeping with them for some reason.

Our chickens are gone now. Went to a friend's house. (they winter up North :) Miss seeing them walking around the yard. Nothing is there to eat the "slop" now. Guess we'll call it compost and put it in the garden.

Marie is getting a new hair style Saturday. (cornrows and ponytail extension) We've had this extension bought for MONTHS and she's been dying to get her hair done again. I told her Saturday was the day and what we're having done. She said she doesn't want that now.
GRRRR. She'll like it once it's done though. Will probably be a 2 hr+ morning of sitting in a salon.

Still have three SWEET kittens I'm trying to find a home for.

Oh the stress of country living! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pix at Palisades

Ron and Cynthia came up on Sunday. We had a beautiful hike at Palisades State Park. It's only a couple miles from our house and yet we only go there a few times a year.
This is picture is for my mom who isn't on FaceBook :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink, Silver and BLACK...

Ellie has her new pink cast one (as of Thursday) It's much more comfortable with this one on.

I now am sporting bracing (on the top so far) So far it's been a painless although, slightly strange and uncomfortable feeling. Guess I'll be getting the bottom ones on in a few months. That's just the way this guy does it. I feel slightly teenager-ish :0
I figured if I didn't do it by the time I was 40 (which is in January) I'd never do it!

My hair is black. It should have been "cola" (or very dark brown as the box said) Well I had it on my hair...went to check e-mail...then Face Book. You get the picture. I left it on a LITTLE bit longer than I should have (like 10 minutes!)
It was a little shocking at first. Reminded me of Elvira! I'm actually getting use to it and am liking it. It will lighten up and it's kind of fun having a different look all the way around. :)

Mom...don't freak out when you see me. :) You've been warned. Sorry no pictures yet.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

She's Thinking Pink...

I think someone is planning on getting a hot pink cast in a week. Her badge of courage.
Her first big fall off a horse. It will be remembered and a tale to tell. Her siblings were all very concerned for her and made her cards and prayed for her.
She came home, ate a Sub sandwich and watched a movie. I think she's doing fine.
Hang in there Ellie--it's only 4 weeks. (you'll still need to do your chores tho :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wonder why when one starts a project it always turns into a bigger project than one anticipated?

We are putting new windows in the "old part" of our house...which turned into replacing trim, tearing off more wood, insulating, staining, buying more siding, putting on house wrap, ect. It was something that needed to be done though. Now parts will look REALLY nice and newly painted and the rest of the house will look like CRUD. Next year I think we're going to stain the whole house. We'll have new windows for the upstairs and the whole process will start again :)

That's the joy of living in an 1880's home!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something New....

Stayed tuned. In exactly 2 weeks I'll be looking about 10 years younger...maybe 5 but I'll take it. No plastic surgery involved :)
It will involved pain which I'm not a big fan of. I did have 5 kids without drugs so I'm guessing I can pull through this too.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day...

Today seems like a Saturday as we continuing laboring with all the farm projects we have around the place. Dave's been working hard with grandpa trying to get hay baled and in the barn. Grandma and Olivia have been busy staining woodwork for the outside of the house. Seems like there's a million things that need to get done today. Hopefully we can finish at least one project :)
Doesn't seem like I've gotten much accomplished except feeding people and keeping the house/laundry from going to pot.

Grandpa's off fishing with the boys. Chloe needs tennis shoes for school. Grandma went on a walk with a few of the girls. I took out Josie's hair/beads, washed, greased and hopefully we'll be putting in extensions later this afternoon.

Grandpa and grandma will be leaving later today. We're SO thankful for their help and time playing with the kids! We could have you here year round!
Thank you!!!!! Some things I fear would never get done...like fixing the bathroom door :)